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Oliver's make a selection of fine Herefordshire ciders and perries with an emphasis on "balance" and  "character" coupled with "drinkability". 

Based around the spontaneous ferment of selected varieties of cider apple and perry pear from fruit grown in Herefordshire and the surrounding 3 Counties orchards.

Nominally referred to as "minimal intervention", we strive to "take what the fruit gives", respecting the great heritage and traditions of the past but with an eye to innovating for the future. What that really means is we mill and press great fruit, expose the juice to marauding and hungry wild yeasts and then for our part blend and bottle the resulting ferments.

All the while respecting the health, safety and well being of our customers, consumers, employees, the earth's natural resources and the environment.

Ingredients, Allergens and Nutritional Information.


Oliver’s Cider and Perry is made from 100% fresh pressed cider apple juice or perry pear juice so apples and pears.

Bottle Conditioned ciders & perries, the Pet Nat ciders & perries, the Keeved perry & Keeved cider, the Barrel Room Series, the Oliver's Cider and Perry cans, the Traditional Dry cider, the Vintage cider, the Dabinett cider, the Oldfield and Fickle Mistress perries are 100% juice.

Gold Rush, Pomona ciders and the Fine Perry bottles and the Guilty Pleasure cans are made from 100% juice with a little sugar added for residual sweetness to balance.

The Mayflower 4 & 5 have been aged in oak casks and then back sweetened with partially fermented ice cider.


We only use SULPHITES post fermenatation, at racking and packaging and then typically we are looking for 30ppm free and a total of between 60-100ppm. The legal limit for cider in the UK is 200ppm total.


All our ciders and perries are:




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