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'The Lindemans family which has been brewing lambic since 1822. Here at Lindemans, we have never done things like everyone else.

Moreover, we are not like everyone else. Is it because we live in a place that is like no other? Is it because the prevailing winds are from the southwest? Is it because the air contains something mysterious? Is it because the Senne, which is so close, makes people crazy? It may be for one of those reasons. Or all of them. The fact is that we are different and our beers are made in our image. Different.

Our family has owned a farm since the dawn of time.

It was to occupy (and refresh) the peasants in the winter that we began our brewing activity. With time and success, our agricultural activities decreased as our brewery developed.

As Darwin said, functions create organs.

Today, we are once again expanding our brewery to share the love of our beers beyond our borders.

Indeed, we are convinced that the characteristics of our beers, which are so unique, are a great asset in a world where there is so much uniformity.'

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