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Flensburger Brauerei is a brewery located in Flensburg in the Bundesland (federal state) of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is one of the last country-wide operating breweries not being part of a larger brewery group. The company was founded on September 6, 1888, by five citizens of Flensburg. Today it is still mainly held by the founder families Petersen and Dethleffsen.

If you're looking for a brewery that does things differently then look no further than Flensburger Brauerei. All their beers are brewed from water sourced from their very own well! This is supplied by the melted underground Scandinavian glaciers in North Germany and gives their creations an incredible level of freshness. 

Recognisable by the distinctive swing top lids on their bottles - whilst many other manufacturers replaced this style with bottle caps, Flensburger continued using the more expensive option. This ensured the beers maintained tradition and identity.  

Renowned for their full-bodied, aromatic pilsner which has a mildly bitter but hoppy taste 

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