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Coopers Brewery, the largest Australian-owned brewery, is based in Adelaide Australia. Coopers is known for making a variety of beers and the most famous of which is their Pale Ale - putting Australian Beer on the map! 

'When you sip one of our famous Coopers Ales you are tasting over 150 years of brewing history, and we say this with pride. What makes our ales so special is that they're naturally conditioned. This is a centuries old brewing technique that has been handed down from one generation to the next, and only a handful of breweries in the world still have the skill and patience to undertake the process at scale. Natural conditioning is a term that describes a secondary fermentation that our ales undergo once they've been bottled or kegged. A small amount of yeast is added to the brew prior to packaging which consumes any residual sugars and oxygen, naturally carbonating the beer and increasing its alcohol content slightly. 

When the process of natural conditioning is complete, our spent ale yeast falls to the bottom of the bottle or keg as a fine sediment. When that happens you know the beer is ready to be enjoyed. Think of it as the Coopers flavour guarantee. This process takes two weeks to happen, that's why our ales and stout have a 'best after' rather than a 'best before' date. To enjoy the complete Coopers experience, we encourage people to roll their bottle before opening it. This helps move the sediment through the beer, unlocking its full flavour and imparting the signature cloudy appearance. Now there's a chance that people will stare at you while you do this, but don't let that faze you. Roll your Coopers with pride, and we promise the results are worth it.'

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